Established in 1989 by Mr. Nathan Hetz who continues to lead the company, Alony Hetz Properties & Investments Ltd. (TASE: ALHE) is one of Israel’s largest real estate investment firms.  Operating with leading local real estate platforms, we own and operate superior commercial properties in Israel and overseas.


Over 100 years’ experience in real estate investments.

127 buildings.  15million square feet.  2,000 tenants.

We are a publicly traded company with an outstanding record.

Alony-Hetz is market proven, with strong growth year after year. We pride ourselves on a high degree of transparency towards investors & capital markets, & our track record speaks for itself. We boast a long-standing policy of distributing dividends on a quarterly basis while creating shareholder value.

Our Strategy

We manage a large & diversified property portfolio, & are committed to highly qualified management practices. Our overall business approach is to maintain a well-adjusted and balanced strategy by investing in mature Western economies while minimizing financial risk.

Corporate social responsibility

We proudly invest a percentage of our revenue to support educational programs for troubled youth in Israel.


Alony Hetz’s strategy is to manage a large and diversified revenue-generating property portfolio, maintaining a balance between high-return investments in developing areas and conservative investments in mature markets. Leveraging expertise, financial resources and access to deal flow, the company identifies highly profitable properties, leasing them in long-term contracts to quality tenants.

GROSS ASSETS VALUE AS OF 30 September 2021 

* Including FCR, cash & cash equivalents


Alony Hetz is committed to a continuous increase in shareholders’ equity through capital issues, maintaining its clear and declared policy of dividend distributions. In addition, the company contributes and supports the educational activities of troubled youth in Israel.