Amot – Hutzot Alonim Mall

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Hutzot Alonim Mall is located at a central road junction (Alonim Junction, Kibbutz Alonim), which connects the north of the country with the south. The mall’s unique location, on the two main traffic routes which lead between the north and the south and between the west and the east, together with the special mix of well-known and leading chains alongside shops offering products from the region and food and art markets on weekends, create a unique dynamic which is a magnet for the entire population of the area and for thousands of visitors who come to the site on weekends. There is plenty of free parking for visitors. The mall, which has been operating since 1995, extends over an area of approximately 7,000 m2.
  • Property – Hutzot Alonim
  • City – Alonim
  • Total – 7,000 sqm