Amot – Park Afek

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The building is located at 13 HaAmal Street, Afek Industrial Area, Rosh HaAyin.  The park is characterized by modern industrial, commercial and office buildings (“hi-tech”). The Amot Park Afek project is a complex of 3 buildings of 4-5 floors, around a developed central square, which includes commercial and entertainment areas for the benefit of the occupants of the project and the environs. The area of the project is approximately 21,000 m2, with approximately 650 parking places. The Amot Park Afek project is unique, and is defined as a green building, which gives its occupants quality of life and a healthier environment, while reducing the influence on the environment of the use of the building itself.
  • Property – Park Afek
  • City – Rosh Ha’ayin
  • Total – 21,000 sqm